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Crete Senesi

Among the most typical Tuscan landscape of the Crete Senesi is the glimpse of nature not to be missed. The most beautiful hinterland of Siena landscape, where the rolling hills seem to be painted with water colors. You can be seen starting from the itinerary of Asciano Crete Senesi, in which nature is complementary to the ancient architectural works built by man in medieval times. The Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore and the Gothic churches that surround it are a starting point for understanding the spirituality that is breathed in those places where time seems to have stopped, and the man's breathing is synchronized with that of nature. Choose Montaperti hotel Crete Senesi stay where streams and green hills offer a show that fills the soul, making you forget the stress and the fast pace of the city.

The morning mist also seems to be designed by a painter for the Crete Senesi route, with the trees that stand as faithful guardians of a small ancient world, which continues its course despite urbanization. All of Tuscany is a place of the heart, beloved by the international star system, from Hollywood actors and directors who find rest and good food right in the territory known as the Crete Senesi. Montaperti Hotel, four stars for a place where friendliness and professionalism are the main features for a superior room, with all the modern comforts (wi-fi line, Crete Senesi conference room, restaurant with the best Tuscan and Sienese dishes ) and a view that is not found anywhere else in the world.

In the Crete Senesi itineraries are endless and can from different scenic locations. Crete Senesi from the hotel you can get through the verdant natural slopes and dirt roads that once were mule tracks and passages of carts, to visit many places of historic or natural interest, such as the Cave of Travertine dell'Olivera and those of greenhouses in the Territory of Rampolano Terme, or even the way the Pecorile to aciano, a path among the highest limestone hills of all the crete Senesi. Hotel offering original and personalized itineraries in the Siena crete according to the requests and days of stay of tourists who are lucky enough to dive into this world postcard, the Montaperti meets all expectations and demands