Hotel in Siena Italy

Hotel in Siena ItalyChoosing a hotel in Siena gives you the opportunity to live the life of a citizen of this most magical of Italian cities, surrounded by history at every corner. Start your day from your choice of hotels in Siena, Italy with an espresso as the Italians do, standing at the bar at your nearest cafe. Your first sight-seeing stop, near most hotels, Siena’s famous cathedral, dating from the 12th century and containing the work of hundreds of years of artists and craftsmen. You’ll see why Siena has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as you move on to the famous Piazza del Campo and breathe in the atmosphere of centuries in one of the most famous squares in the world.

All yours from your choice of hotels near Siena. It’s home to the magnificent Palio, a unique horse race around the piazza. Time your visit to hotels near Siena to coincide with this extraordinary event, held in both July and August, and experience colour, danger and history as locals cheer on their favourites, each representing a different district of the town. On any day, you can join the evening stroll from your hotel in Siena, what the Italians calls the passeggiata, when everyone takes to the streets for a walk and talk in their finest outfits. The choice is yours, to take part yourself, or order a glass of wine to watch it all go by. Essential from any hotels: Siena’s other well-known churches, containing some of the finest works by artists such as Donatello and Ghiberti.

These are pieces commissioned for the buildings that they remain in today and they come alive in these surroundings as they simply could not do in any mere museum. In its own way, the entire city of Siena is one living museum, as rich and vibrant today as at any point in its hundreds of years of history. When you’re staying in hotels in Siena, Italy you become part of this rich tapestry the minute you walk out of the door.

Siena is at the heart of one of Italy’s most intriguing regions, and when you choose from hotels near Siena, be sure to add Hotel Montaperti to your list. Set in the beautiful town of Asciano, close to the famous Rapolano thermal springs, this hotel has every 21st century convenience for the perfect visit.

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