Holiday Apartment in Chianti

Holiday Apartment in ChiantiHolidays to Tuscany Italy often miss out the Chianti region, but renting a holiday apartment in Chianti is a great idea for any lover of good food, beautiful scenery and – most importantly – fine wines. Chianti is home to some magical towns like Siena, home to the Hotel Montaperti. Siena boasts a stunning Cathedral and main square, with plenty of high quality restaurants offering Tuscan specialities, and it is no wonder that holidays to Tuscany Italy always seem to include a visit to the city. Visitors can stroll around unspoiled, tranquil Renaissance streets, witnessing architectural masterpieces like the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala around almost every corner.

And don’t miss the medieval library of the Palazzo Piccolomini, with beautiful book covers, that many tourists fail to enjoy. Chianti has also been synonymous with high quality wine for hundreds of years, and vineyards clustered around the towns of Radda and Gaiole still produce a deep, rich red wine from the local sangiovese grape variety. Chianti holiday apartments present a perfect opportunity to find out just why these wines are prized across the world through visits to wineries in the area. And couple a fine Chianti with some Tuscan delicacies like Prosciutto or a delicate Pecorino cheese.

Chianti holiday apartments offer more than this though. If Siena tires the visitor, they can easily reach Florence by bus, car or train. One of the world’s great cultural centres, Florence was the cradle of Renaissance art, and offers the superb Uffizi Gallery containing masterpiece after masterpiece. No holidays to Tuscany can be complete without sitting for a while before the works of masters like Verrochio or Botticelli. And after seeing the art, Florence is a superb place to explore by foot, with Renaissance era palaces and bridges, bars and restaurants on every square.

Booking a holiday apartment in Chianti also provides access to the Tuscan countryside. You can drive to stunning hilltop medieval towns like Radda, one of the centres of the wine industry, or stay near Asciano and relax in the hot springs at Rapolano, with its sprawling swimming facilities and sunbathing lawns. Holidays in Tuscany can be as relaxing or active as you wish. There are hilly villages to explore on foot, museums to wander around, and relaxing springs to recharge those batteries beside. With a holiday apartment in Chianti, you can eat and drink the best food and wine that Italy has to offer, and be close to beautiful Siena.

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