Accommodation in Tuscany

Accommodation in TuscanyA choice of accommodation in Tuscany will put you at the heart of this most beautiful, historic and artistic of Italian regions. The landscapes have been immortalised by artists, fascinated by the light, the hills and the trees that line them. In any choice of Tuscany holiday accommodation, location is the key. Choose a typical Tuscan hill town and you have all around the life of a place that has lived this way for centuries. These are no tourist traps: they’re living, breathing Italian towns that simply happen to have an extraordinary past, and a breathtaking setting.

Just taking your seat for a long lunch at the ristorante nearest to your accomodation in Tuscany, means that you’re taking part in that most important of Italian traditions, drinking and eating. Try a few words of Italian with your host, and you’ll be right at home. All Tuscany holiday accommodations are likely to be close to one of the wine-producing towns, such as Montalcino or the even more famous Montepulciano. You simply wouldn’t be doing your trip from your accomodation in Tuscany justice if you didn’t go to a wine-tasting, or, better still, buy a bottle or two to take home with you. Thermal springs are yet another natural attraction, for both Italians and visitors alike. Plan to take the whole family for a day out from your Tuscany accommodations and bathe in the waters that, still today, are believed to offer healing benefits and emerge feeling renewed.

Tuscany accommodations will be a short drive from many of the finest art attractions of the area, places where the renaissance was at its height, that flowering of literature and visual art in the 16th century. The magnificent capital, Florence, will be close enough to your accommodation in Tuscany to make a day-trip an easy journey. Here you’ll find the masterpieces of Michelangelo, the wonders of the Uffizi Museum and the breathtaking Duomo, the architect Brunelleschi’s greatest work.

The Tuscan climate is perfect for spring and autumn holidays, and for those who enjoy the summer heat, you can cool off at the pool, if you choose your accomodation in Tuscany with sufficient care. At the Hotel Montaperti they combine old-fashioned service with the latest in 21st century facilities, in an ancient Tuscan town. Take a look to see if it meets your requirements for Tuscany holiday accommodation.

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